August Šenoa – The Goldsmith’s Treasure

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A story about the forbidden love of a goldsmith’s daughter and a nobleman’s son. The plot of this first Croatian historical novel is set in Zagreb.

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The Goldsmith’s Treasure is the first Croatian historical novel, also the first novel by August Šenoa (1838 – 1881). It was written 150 years ago, in 1871 to be exact.
They say that The Goldsmith’s Treasure is “the most Zagreb” story, which, of course, takes place on the squares and streets of 16th century Zagreb.

It is a novel about the forbidden love between a goldsmith’s daughter and a nobleman’s son. The depicted love, plots, intrigues, as well as nobles, cheaters and other characters and actions will certainly not leave you indifferent.

The Goldsmith’s Treasure, a book wrapped in this special golden robe, is available in Croatian and English.

The Goldsmith’s gold, the most Zagreb story, packed in this special golden cover, is the ideal Zagreb souvenir.



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August Šenoa